Loquor | interactive infographic installation 

Laboratory of Interaction Design, IUAV University
Professors: Philip Tabor, Gillian Crampton Smith
When: from March to May 2012
Team: Martina Maitan, Fei Yu, Ornella Giau, Luca Migliore
Technology involved: Processing, Adobe After Effect, OSC communication protocol and CYA People Vision

Loquor (latin for “I talk”), an audiovisual interactive installation, evokes the city in real time as it is: a vast, pulsating organism whose breathe is its precious, special soundscape of voices, bells, footsteps, the energy flows of its humanity.
This encourages people to take care of Venice, a living but endangered entity, and help ensuring its survival.

How it works 

Light paths appear on the floor of the campo. They will move toward the center of the campo itself and inside the well, as energy patterns. They reproduce the actual network of the Venice streets, and behave like fluids, connected to the spirit of Venice – where water channels are the source of city life. The visual streams of light represent information: each light changes its shape and behavior according to the sound being heard. The sounds in Campiello will be heard as if coming from the ground and the environment around, like an echo from a distant place. Life energy finds its way to the central heart.

My role 
During the brainstorming phase I conducted extensive research on the problem of abandonment in Venice. Once the team had chosen the installation’s topic, I created the wireframes of the sound-light interactions, the flowcharts and the first storyboard. During the day I wandered through the city, capturing many different sounds. In the prototyping phase I took care of writing some code concerning the management of the EyeToy and camera tracking.
With my poetic eye during the evening I became the director of the videos and conducted interviews with test users and first feedbacks.
More info on interaction-venice.com >

Here you can download the PDF presentation of the project
See the promo video of Loquor
See the step through of the entire installation on this simple video
“Listen” the interactive map of the sounds of Venice, and imagine to have all the city around you

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