Digital Shapes | interactive installation

Workshop of Interactive installation, IUAV University
Professor: Klaus Obermaier
When: July 2011
Technology involved: MAX/MSP Jitter and Ableton Live for the sounds

Digital shapes is an interactive installation that involves the user in identifying a connection between sounds and images and what generates them, that is, his movements.

Once entered in the field of the camera, the user’s image is translated into a matrix of pixels that increase in number and saturation according to the acceleration of the movements. The sound sources seem to come from different points according to the subject’s movement (left to right), loudness and pitch change depending on the subject’s distance from the screen. When there is no movement the image returns to its initial state, it is then recomposed in black and white, and the sounds disappear.

I created the concept of this installation taken inspiration in a dance contemporary choreography. I built all the code and I composed the sounds with AbletonLive. At the end I set up the installation with the perfect light intensity and detection of the user.

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