Hedera | mobile application 

Laboratory of Interaction Design, IUAV University
Professors: Philip Tabor, Gillian Crampton Smith
When: from October to December 2011
Team: Martina Maitan, Fei Yu, Valerio Calimici, Tommaso Bertagnin
Technology involved: Processing and Java for the app prototype

On these days, when the power of industrialization and the problems of the economy become ever more overbearing, the problems of the environment have gained importance in everyone’s life.

Inspired by role-play games, Hedera is a mobile application for creating a new and unusual ‘green’ experience in the urban spaces, in order to encourage public awareness about taking care of the environment, in a new ethical/aesthetic perspective.

Our application has two different visualizations: one for day, the other for the night.
During the day it’s all about preparing. You can choose to create, share or accept green missions. After selecting one, the app calculates materials needed to accomplish the tasks, records every result once the actions are done, and users may also enlarge the green team in a poetic way like blowing a symbolic seed.
When the sun sets, it is time for action: “Green soldiers” work in groups using Hedera’s powerful ability to capture CCTV camera views, with sensors and actuators of mobile devices (accelerometers, vibrations, local area networks).
The application allows people to communicate with physical gestures, screen lights and vibrations through the use of special gloves for wearing and easily accessing the mobile devices.

My role 
For this project I was the creator of the main interactions: the screens for the mobile app and the real gestures with gloves.
When the idea was defined, I created the wireframes and a flow diagram of all parts of the application, then I developed with Valerio the graphics, paying attention to the texture and the consistency between the two “sides” of the application. I designed and produced a special glove for physical interactions and I designed the storyboard of the videos, I became director of the night shooting and actress for the day’s movie section, then I edited and composed all the musics for the video promo.
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Here you can download the PDF presentation of the project
See the promo video of Hedera
Here the Step through of the entire application

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